How to get loan at the last minute?

These days’ small and medium enterprises require loan for business expansion or whether individual need for personal needs- like buying a car or any electronic item, or whether it can be an education loan for studying abroad or a home loan for home improvement or renovation or it can be an unplanned medical emergency. There are many financial goals or promises which one has a list of and to get them completed- one requires a good amount of loan.
If the need for the hour is to go on a vacation, you need a business loan to pay the debts or when you want to purchase home of your dreams, want to get your sweet home renovated or whatever personal be your need; then these points are to be kept in mind.
A quick tour of the loan availability:
Compare various loans
The interest rates, its disbursal, processing fee, late payment fee and the loan amount available with different lenders– everything has to be compared when applying for a loan. Borrower has to be aware of all these facts.
Eligibility criteria
You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and you need to take inputs from the lender. For example: they will check your credit worthiness, and monthly income.
Fill up the details and get documents
Lender need the information related to your age, mobile number and documents like Aadhar card and Pan Card. One has to fill an application form. Sign and submit the agreement. And finally, you receive funds.
The loan application can be rejected as well. Banks/NBFC’s do state a reason as to why be it rejected. You can rectify the error and again apply for that instant loan. These days also the procedure is online where customer has no hassle to complete the loan application form.
Keeping these points in mind will give a fresh take on how to go about completing your financial goals. Whether you are preparing to buy a used car or a new car or whether on this festival you want to purchase new electronic item or whether you are going to purchase a long-pending property. A help from these points will not let you down and you can overcome your financial needs at low cost that too in less time.
So, what you need is to fill in some basic details to know the loan amount and the deal you get which is especially designed for you and avail it instantly without any hassle and receive funds in next 24 hours. Because at the end of the day, it is all about saving vs spending and risk vs return which is measured by NBFC’s.
Ideally, One’s loan installment has to be 20% of the total loan amount. And also there is 80:20 rule, like where you have to spend 80% of the income and rest, 20% have to be saved. So, mark your rates of interest according to that.
So, to apply within that very short time, you need to go through the above-mentioned procedure. And literally, you can have a life of your choice with your choice of loan. Happy spending!

Why retirement planning should be on everybody’s bucket list?

Who doesn’t want to live peacefully after they have worked their entire life? Who doesn’t want to realise a life full of dreams? Who doesn’t want to have a relaxing life after the body is weak and brain not much sharp? It’s all possible if we do a little planning before we retire. That is to save money so that old age becomes bliss. It means investing in financial instruments like fixed deposits, mutual funds, equity or Life insurance which benefits during and after the old age.
One has to keep in mind the following points while making/designing their retirement path.
Bucket list is something which everyone adores. And you can say it’s our responsibility that one should work for their dreams and live them through their entire life.
Making sense of the retirement planning
One needs a break at the end of the working life and it’s very much required. After a certain age, one needs a halt. And that halt is retirement planning from the scratch.
Unplanned debt, accident or some medical issue, income taxes or inflation- anything can occur and reduce the amount that you earlier saved for the retirement. So, plan it accordingly and always keep in mind that you have to update your retirement goals/plan.
It’s not possible that you are 70 and you want to take up strenuous job. By that time, everybody wants a relaxing and fun life which is easy-breezy and there are no tensions. To move those tensions away, it’s very much required that you take the pain in your early young days.
Also, you can diversify your risk by investing in different different portfolio. Don’t put all the eggs in one basket and reap the returns.
So, it’s finally necessary to have retirement goals in check and tick one item each at a time. The better you plan, better you go about the business of making-things-in-control. As plan is a trap laid to capture future, and to make that future bright and better- need of retirement planning is there. Design a life that you are proud of.

Life lessons by Ratan Naval Tata

There have been many instances where Ratan Tata has showed an acute business acumen; he is a gifted erudite in a sense. There can be different life lessons which can be learnt from his great life. He is a living legend after all. He is a man of valour, and has an innovative bent of mind.

Apart from his leadership style, he is a humble person. And also, he has done innovation in the form of car Tata Nano by delivering his promise of making a car available for average middle class. Who doesn’t know about him, well…

Ratan Naval Tata is the chairman of Tata sons and Tata Group, which is country’s largest conglomerate. Tata is a perfect role model of generosity wherein when 26/11 attacks happened, he personally supervised the families of the victims and provided them relief. It was like a humble gesture when he visited the 80 families.

When he was invited to a graduating ceremony, he spoke to students and gave his advice which was:  listen intently and learn more and more. He also emphasizes that you should be motivated for teamwork too. He does one-of-a-kind leadership and inspired his employees and brands to reach to greater heights. He made Tata tea world’s second brand. He places emphasis on trust, values and commitment. He has also acquired Jaguar and land rover from Ford when Ford was in losses and this purchase of his made him much profit later on.

So the leader had a strategy, futuristic approach and a developed mind-set. And he says he is an industrialist rather than a businessman because he thinks for a happy nation. He has done wonders by launching Nano car also called laktakiya in Hindi. He is fond of cars and lives his dreams daily. He has also faced my failures but he wasn’t stopping anywhere, he had miles to go before he sleeps.

Its 66% profit goes to philanthropy which is unique fact in itself. There are around 100 firms in Tata sons and group.  His parents got separated at age 10 and he was raised by his grandmother.

He says- inspired leadership, his strategies, his decision making, active listening, innovative mind can bring much change if we believe in it. These were the life lessons through which we can learn and implement them in our lives as well. Out and out, he is a generous soul and he has instilled inspiration in the lives of many. One can learn a lot from him.

Few of his quotes are…

“Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G means we are not alive.”

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise none can destroy a person but his own mindset can.”

“I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.”

I have been constantly telling people to encourage people, to question the unquestioned and not to be ashamed to bring up new ideas, new processes to get things done.

Truly, he is an inspiration for many.














Kill time and kill boredom


The turns in a book

And life are similar to one another

Or is it just a coincidence?

When pages are few and old,

They breathe like forever .

When pages breathe

They are opinionated and full of fiction

Which is stranger than the truth of course.

Speak of a fortunate story. too…

One after the other line

Makes sense and common sense,

Never bored with the books.

In love with the serendipity which comes in between

It’s like curiosity begets curiosity.

Day in and day out,

Anything and everything becomes crystal clear

And at the end of the day,

Pages will become an obsolete memory.

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Best money-saving tips:

Money is a limited resource. It takes hard work and sweat to build your salary at the end of the month. It shouldn’t go wasted not even one single penny. Record your expenses and make a budget and save from here and there and finally, come up with a plan to appropriate your savings for a larger goal that you wanted to accomplish since long. Everyone has desires and to complete them, one needs proper planning of money and considering it, unnecessary expenditures should be avoided at any cost. The following given tips will help you in achieving your goals.
Maybe you want to buy the house you dreamt for or there is some bill pending. Whether there is some emergency funds’ expense and you need all your savings. Track your spending and create a budget- reduce on the expenses which you’re unnecessarily incurring.
Automate savings transfers each payday: Put automated savings transfer from your salary and then, you have less temptation to spend it.
Turn trash into cash– sell the items that you no longer require.
Pay off all the debts- as the interest accumulates and eats up all your savings.
Movies, shopping, dining out- don’t indulge in these activities over weekend as rates on weekend are really high. Plus the multiplexes are crowded, which will not also give you peace of mind.
Consider savings as a regular expense, like similar to groceries, which will inculcate good savings habits.
Set a goal- whether you want to save for a down payment for house or vacation and check with goal calculator. Decide on a goal and finish it with a deadline. Putting a time frame to your goals will make you committed towards them.
Watch your savings increase- Invest into mutual funds and decide on your risk profile and horizon. These simple and easy ways to save money can inspire you to save more and hit your goals really faster.
Jot down expenses in a diary: Jot down your daily expenses in a dairy and review it on weekly/ daily basis. And easily you can cut expenses which are unnecessary or which can be postponed. Take a pen and paper and review all the unnecessary expense. Don’t make spending a habit and also, limit your spending. Make budget for every expense.
How to spend salary in a great way- Save money as soon as you get in salary account (put 5, 10 or even 30% of your income into savings at that time itself). Derive a second account for regular spending, and transfer an allowance into that, spending only from there. You’ll see that you end up with surplus in your main account. Rule of thumb suggests you “save your age”. Save 20% of your income if you are in your 20s, 30% if you are in your 30s and so on.
Make simple spending rules– For example, if you’re spending too much on eating out daily then, make a rule and follow it- I will eat out only 2 times a week. It is simple to track one thing, over a small period. It is difficult to track multiple things over longer periods.
Wait before you buy- Research has proved that people are 10% more satisfied with planned than with the unplanned purchases. For small unplanned purchases follow the 10 second rule –take the item in your hand for 10 seconds and think about if you really want it. For big purchases it is suggested that taking 24 hours to think about the item and ask yourself whether it makes sense.
Never ever impulse buy– Never impulse buy, always think over a purchase for long-term, research, price compare and make sure it is something you need and it is a quality item and has a reasonable price. You can get a deal or a coupon.
Other tips: Don’t spend money on things that decrease your lifespan and health. I.e. cigarettes, drugs etc.
Use public transport or do carpooling.
Do keep credit cards for emergency cases only rather than for daily usage.
Negotiate discounts wherever possible- it is not tough to bargain.
In the end, it is all about spending less than you earn and investing it wisely. Savings is a very good habit and you should save first and whatever is left, that has to be spent. After all, you should have enough money to survive for a rainy day.

9 ways to trap your financial future

When it comes to money, you can’t be much lenient. It should not be the overlooked part as it pervades in all areas of our life. From the living expenses to electricity bills, from phone bills to entertainment expenses, from school fees to grocery shopping- you need a large amount of money that needs to be allocated.  Follow the under-mentioned methods if you want money to follow you as you want.  So, Let’s trap your financial future. So that you live a financially-stressfree life without sacrificing happiness.

Take out 10 minutes to daily review your goals

Reviewing your goals is one criteria.  Whatever your goal may be- to save for retirement or for your children. You should keep in mind reviewing your goals everyday. Start small to make big changes.  Day-by-day controlling of your expenditure on unnecessary items will gradually impact your financial future.

Do what you love

Not even a single day will feel like you are doing a job.  Do what you love and save for the rainy day. If you allow yourself doing that, you owe yourself a large sum of money. Plus you will be much passionate to earn that extra buck.

Do side hustles

One job will get you salary but it’s not enough. Even raise will be little. Just to enhance your earnings, do side hustles like babysitting, maintaining administration accounts or helping a senior who pays for the job etc. Do side gigs which gurantee money.

Use public transport where possible

Go and use public transport wherever possible. It is a cheaper mode of transportation. Though uber and cabs have more access but they are not as feasible as public transport.

Leave being  a compulsive shopper

Do not purchase unnecessary items as it has gone an old-school idea. Doing impulsive purchase only lets you increase your expenditure which inturn, increases your costs and decreases your income. Do shop but cut costs where required. May be you don’t need that watch or jacket but you bought only to flaunt.

Sharing economy

Yes, right you have heard about carpooling or using common netflix id. So, in sharing economy you save more and spend less than usual. Using things in a group is a much bigger idea when it comes to saving your hard-earned money.

Carry your own water bottle

This is a silent money spinner. So, when you are thirsty you are losing Rs 20 or Rs30 for a water bottle. Instead, carry your own water bottle and save money. Each time to you go to market, don’t spend on taking water bottle from market. Keep in mind to take the water bottle from home.

Buy a transparent jar

Buy a transparent jar and save money. See your money growing everyday and this way, you will feel motivated to put more money in the jar. This is like an old method like putting your money in a piggy bank except that the jar is transparent.

Eating out

Don’t spend on eating out in a restaurant as they charge much more and provide you with unhealthy food. It’s better you enjoy at home and make home-cooked food. Eating out should not be the trend when you want to save money for your future.

When you find some note in your pocket or old book is akin to a treasure found. You feel happy with this “free cash”. So, think when you apply the tricks mentioned above and save money- your happiness will know no bounds. So, go ahead and happy saving!


8 strategies to hit your financial goals

So you want to buy a house? Or you want to move abroad? Or you want to save for a distant goal i.e. retirement? All these financial decisions are possible with the listed down strategies plus if you will be financially disciplined, it will be much easy. If you find the term ‘goal’ as tough or scary then you can replace the word with “promise”. And you can promise yourself to accomplish all the financial goals of your life. Future is uncertain and risks are many and it’s all about saving vs spending and risk vs return.
1.Spend less money than you make: Always spend less than what you earn. This will help you lead a good lifestyle. Choose a budget and stick to it. Be financially strict and don’t waste money on unnecessary expenditures. When you spend less, it gives a scope for your financial health improvement.
2.Put visual reminders: Do you remember art and craft as a school subject? If yes, do make a scrapbook of how your future life looks like? You want a vacation? You want to secure your children’s future? What is it that you want? Make visual reminders on walls and keep reminding your years to come by. For ex- remind yourself how your life looks 20 years ahead…
3.Make an emergency funding: Set money aside for unexpected expenses. For example: medical bills, car repair, rent if you get laid off etc. Ideal safety net is between 3 to 6 months of expenses. Do some planning as plan is a trap laid to capture future. Making an emergency fund will make you more secure in life and you can also pay for them whenever the need arises.
4.Have a saving goal for yourself: Save for the rainy day. Make saving a habit for yourself. Try to save more than 15% of your paycheck. It is said that you sow, so shall you reap. So, sow well so that your future self is proud of yourself. Saving equals not spending and it will reap you returns in future when invested properly.
5.Research your investment options: What is that you want to save in? Mutual funds, SIPs, stock market, Gold, or Fixed deposits. Start researching about them from market and use various internet forums to gain knowledge about them. It’s about determining how much risk can you take vs return you get. For example: Gold has medium risk and medium return whereas Fixed deposits have less risk and less return.
6. Do a financial SWOT analysis- SWOT means what is the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your personal financial life. Take pen and paper and write them down. Talk to a financial planner or a chartered accountant, he will guide you and you can start knowing and implementing the finance-related decisions better in your life. For example- how much loans you have to pay, what are your expenditure areas, how much can you save from salary to buy a house for yourself etc.
7.Financially groom yourself- Go and buy membership of various entrepreneurship programmes. Financially educate yourself and see the difference. Talk to the mentors and angel investors and you generate better ideas for a better life. See yourself as financially successful person in the times to come. The time you invest in it will prove to be an asset.
8.Daily goal setting: This strategy requires setting the goals every single morning. What will you achieve today? To stay on track, measure your performance everyday. Break your goals into milestones and create a new financial reality. Just write your own financial script by visualizing and completing daily goals.

We have heard money doesn’t buy happiness. But to feel satisfied in our lives and to raise our economic status, it is required. Ok, let’s be strict with our financial decisions/goals.